RAS knows that accessing data safely and quickly is a number one priority in the accounting industry. That’s why we have a streamlined way to transfer, view, manage, and maintain the data so that you don’t face many of the common problems with data access.

One Click Solution Our RAS filesync technology transfers data almost instantly without the need to create backups or restore copies of the files.

Remote Desktop Sharing The RAS bidirectional desktop sharing system allows access to your clients' computers while also allowing you to demonstrate on yours.

Quickbooks Hosting gives you and all your clients' locations the ability to use Quickbooks at the same time. This offers full screen full featured Quickbooks.

Automated File Management The RAS system automates folder organization for you so that you will always be able to quickly locate your clients' data.

Support RAS supports you with a professional team that handles both you and your customer needs within minutes of any request.

Full System Management Audit trail, current status, and history of all activity is part of the system available to you within RAS management.

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