Accounting Firm Benefits
Hosting is not for everyone, however for certain businesses it is the ideal solution.
If your Business Client suffers from any of the following problems, Hosting may be for them:
  • Have a Mac computer: RAS Hosting allows Mac users to work with the full windows version of QuickBooks instead of the limited Mac or Online versions.
  • Have multiple business locations: Business Clients with multiple locations that need access to the same company files simultaneously are better served with RAS Hosted QuickBooks. This centralization allows access from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Want to see reports on their tablets or iPhones: The full version of QuickBooks can be accessed on any mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone or Android tablet.
  • Afraid to lose their data: Whether a disaster strikes or a computer crashes, your clients can be assured of the safety of their data. With RAS Hosted QuickBooks all of your clients' files will be backed up multiple times daily, stored in three unique physical locations and always made available to download to their local machine.
  • Tired of Software Upgrades: Business clients who are technology shy will never have to worry about installing and upgrading QuickBooks or add-ons again. RAS does all the work on the servers and makes any version available on demand.
  • Businesses with very large Files: If a business client has several large company files, maintaining them is never efficient. QuickBooks Hosting allows simultaneous access to centrally stored files.

Business Client Benefits
If your client experiences any of the following issues then Hosting would be an effective solution:
  • Instant Collaboration and Document Sharing: RAS Hosting solves the logistical problems about QuickBooks company files and documents. With Hosting, the Firm and the Client access the same company file at anytime. Revisions are available immediately.
  • Accessing multiple versions of QuickBooks: How many different versions and editions of QuickBooks do you have installed on your computer?
    With RAS Hosting you can access all the versions of QuickBooks and any other application you are subscribed to without ever locally installing. Everything is setup on our secure servers and can be accessed from any machine with internet access.
  • Slow Computer Performance: If your computer is running sluggish because all of its resources are consumed by the multitude of applications you have running then RAS Hosting can help. Because the application processing happens on the server, there is no need for you to invest in new hardware. QuickBooks will perform fast, even on a slow machine.
  • Enhance RAS Transfer Service: With RAS Hosting there is no need to install multiple versions of QuickBooks locally. In addition, the RAS Tool will transfer files much faster to our hosted servers than your local servers. You will also increase performance and reduce the number of files stored on your local servers.
  • IT cost and hassle of constant upgrades: You may be maintaining a server to run your applications or it may just be that it's costing you time and money every year to install and upgrade software. With RAS hosting, all versions of QuickBooks are accessible with just a few mouse clicks. You can upgrade to 2013 by just asking us. If you wish, you can even have your own private dedicated server.
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